Injection Mold Sampling

Mold-Tech focuses on production-ready molds, saving our customers time and money. In-house sampling allows for needed mold adjustments to be made quickly and efficiently. A dedicated sampling engineer is on staff to sample molds according to customer requirements. Your injection mold is delivered ready to run.


  • Toshiba EC110NII V30-2Z (110-Ton) Molding Machine
    • 2oz. Barrel, All Electric
    • Novatec Compressed Air Dryer
    • Temptek Chiller
    • Advantage TCUs
    • Wittman Tempro Plus D 360F TCU
    • RJG eDart
    • Plastic Granulator

Mold Tech Mold SamplingIn-house Mold Sampling

  • Arburg Allrounder 370A 500-70 (55-Ton) Molding Machine
    • 0.74oz Barrel, All Electric
    • AEC Desiccant Dryer
    • AEC Chiller
    • AEC TCUs
    • Wittman Tempro Plus D 360F TCU
    • Wittman Sprue Picker
    • RJG eDart
  • Hot Runner Controllers
  • Denver Instruments IR-60 Moisture Analyzer
  • Denver Instruments PI-114 Analytical Balance

 If you need high-precision injection molds for complex parts, Mold-Tech can get the job done – first time, every time...

…And get you into production fast!

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