Mold-Tech, Inc.
5166 Barthel Industrial Drive NE
Albertville, MN 55301
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Additional Services/Equipment

Sampling/Tool Tryout
Mold-Tech focuses on production-ready molds, saving our customers time and money. Upgraded equipment and a dedicated sampling engineer expands our ability to service our customers needs.
  • Toshiba EC110NII (110 Ton) Molding Machine
    • (2oz. & 3.4oz Barrel, All Electric, RJG Ready)
  • Arburg Allrounder 370A (55 Ton) Molding Machine
    • (0.74oz Barrel, All Electric)
  • Hot Runner Controllers

Toshiba 110 All Electric Molding Machine

Quality & Control
When demanding tolerances are required, Mold-Tech delivers. Quality control is found throughout the entire mold making chain and is enhanced with a dedicated quality inspection lab and quality technicians. 
  • CMM - Hexagon Global Performance 575
  • OGP SmartScope Flash 500
Mold Repair
  • Vision LWI V Flexx Laser Welder
Laser Marking
  • Raptor II Laser Marker
  • ISO 9001
  • ITAR Registered